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As we are all learning to adapt to the current situation our community and country is in, and learning how to best prepare for the days ahead, CSD Pools is committed to serving our customers and community, as

well following all laws and guidelines to ensure the health and safety of our employees and customers.

To help answer questions that our current and prospective customers may have, we wanted to share the following information:

Will CSD Pools Inc be open for normal business hours?
Under the 2020 Georgia Shelter In Place Executive Order released on 4/02/2020, as contractors who work outdoors, we are permitted to continue business during normal business hours. We will continue to use enhanced sanitation practices in our offices, vehicles, and on job sites.


How will on site appointments work?:
New customer appointments will be continued to be scheduled as usual. We value great relationships with our customers, an understand that people want to trust the company they choose for their investment. Our typical process involves personal face to face meetings throughout the collaboration of design and the build. We are able to maintain social distancing guidelines when requested by customers. 


Should customers expect delays?
There have been significant delays in manufacturing and delivery of several material and equipment products that are used for pool construction. These delays are seen across the industry right now, and may effect the construction timeline for your project. As Covid-19 has has impacted individuals, families, and businesses including CSD Pools, we ask for your understanding and flexibility as we work to accommodate the needs of our customers, employees, and follow updated regulations.

We are excited to get our community ready for swim season, and remember, staying at home is always more fun when you can hang out by the pool!
Please feel free to contact us for an initial appointment or with any further questions by calling us at 770-222-5747 or emailing us at We look forward to working with you!

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